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How it Works:
  •  Step 1: Subscribe today and we will immediately send you our welcome box which is stocked with high quality prepper and tactical gear!
  •  Step 2: Get new boxes with surprise prepper supplies every month!
  •  Step 3: Manage your subscription with ease! You can cancel at any time. No long term contract needed!
What's In Our Boxes?
  • Tactical Gear and Accessories
  •  EDC Gear and Survival Tools
  •  Essential Prepper Gear
  •  Educational Books
  •  Knives, Knives, and More Knives!
  •  Food Storage
  •  Plus Much More!
Why You Need Our Box:
Useful Additions to Emergency Supplies
Though our boxes come stocked with lots of cool goodies, everything we include in our boxes has a purpose. Whether that be to expand on your 72 hour kit or bug out bag, or to improve your emergency food and water supply, we provide you with items that will be incredibly useful in emergency situation and disasters!  
Knives, Knives, and More Knives...
Need we say more? Our boxes come stocked with high quality knives. And you can never have enough knives. 
Ever Expanding Resources and Knowledge
Our goal is to provide you with not only an ever expanding supply of resources, but knowledge as well! Along with our amazing gear, we will also include educational materials on prepping, food storage, and so forth! Knowledge is key in survival! 
Remember, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked! 
Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"This dropbox is all about the gear. Some boxes from other companeis I've ordered have come in fancy boxes with plenty of marketing. This one comes in a plain box, but it's stocked with great gear. Couldn't be happier!" Steven
"I finally feel ready for the zombie apocolypse. Just kidding, but if it does happen, I don't need to worry now!"  
"Good price, great customer service, and high quality gear. Thanks!" 
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